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They Solemnly Swore.

16. After the war and with encouragement from Ginny, Harry contacted his aunt, uncle and cousin. Dudley and Harry ended up forming somewhat of a friendship while his aunt and uncle went about as normal: pretending Harry didn’t exist.

15. Dudley Dursley ended up marrying and having two sons. His oldest was named Harry.

14. Caradoc Dearborn was a good Slytherin. He cared nothing for blood purity and spent a good portion of his school years in detention for hexing other Slytherins.

13. The first time Tonks told Remus she loved him was a full moon. She waited patiently after he transformed and ambushed him when he was back to normal.

12. Dorcas Meadowes worked for Tom at the Leaky Cauldron until the day she died. When she didn’t come into work Tom knew something had happened.

11. Molly Weasley was the one who initiated things between her and Arthur. She cornered him in a hallway and kissed him.

10. Lily Luna Potter ended up marrying Lorcan Scamander. They had three children and carried on the tradition of naming their children after friends and family.

9. Emmeline Vance spent a good portion of her Hogwarts years and even a few after that, in love with Remus Lupin. After Lily and James died, she didn’t, and couldn’t, speak to Remus. It wasn’t until the reformed Order that they finally caught up again.

8. Contrary to popular thought, Peter Pettigrew wasn’t stupid. He just preferred following the other Marauders around to actually doing anything. As he got older his cowardice overshadowed everthing else.

7. After the war, Harry finally went back to Grimmauld Place. He fixed the place up and even though he never uses it, he’s glad to know a little bit of Sirius is still here.